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From Antti Hernesniemi*, DrMedSci and MA in musicology: My pioneering medical doctor's thesis about Finnish bonesetting, "Presentation of bonesetter-patient collaboration through positiographical cinemanalysis" (Series D Medica 538, Oulu University, Institute of Health Sciences and General Practise, Oulu 1999) is not mentioned in the article above. In that thesis I present and analyze visually, based on a S-8-film, with a detailed scientific method, with own drawings, the working of a most important and skilled bonesetter in Middle Ostrobothnia of 20th century, Mrs. Ina Känsälä (1997-1993). She was born Nygren and was a fourth generation bonesetter in Nygren family in Nedervetil, her final place of residence was in Kaustinen. It is her family tradition that has essentially influenced the local Middle Ostrobothnian bonesetting, learned and adapted by many new bonesetters. - I was the founder - with a few bonesetters and cuppers and other activists - the Folk Medicine Centre, Kansanlääkintäkeskus, in Kaustinen, in 1987. I worked as the head of the centre, being the responsible medical doctor and researcher of the centre in 1987-1990. Before Kansanlääkintäkeskus time, we had been organising a pilot centre for integrated medicine in Pauanne project in Kaustinen in its' new main building during 1984-1985. My goal as a medical researcher, with the local folk therapists in 1980's, was to arrange a centre for integrated medicine, using knowledge of both folk healing and academic medicine and to study the possibilities of the integrated knowledge. Many thousand people came yearly to the treatments of the centre in 1980's. We published a journal in ethnomedicine, Pohakka, in 1987-1989. It can be read in main libraries and it presents the work of the centre of those fruitful first years. There were other researchers too in our scientific group form universities of Jyväskylä and Tampere. I have presented the working of the FMC centre in various articles, mentioned in my medical thesis. - * I became a medicine licentiate in 1978 at the medical faculty of Helsinki University and began my study in Finnish ethnomedical knowledge and traditonal healers' working in 1981. I am continuing it today at the Finnish Literature Society.