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This page is a translated version of the page Lisää ilmiö and the translation is 100% complete.

On this page you can submit a new element to the Wiki-Inventory for Living Heritage. First you must create an account. After logging into the site with the account created, it is possible to submit a phenomenon and also modify it later. Please first familiarise yourself with the introduction to the inventory, and the instructions below.

Consider the name carefully, and prepare responses in advance, before filling in the fields.


Please answer the following questions:

Please answer all sections.

  1. Name of the element. Pay attention to the name and use verbs where possible (e.g. not ‘Bun’, but ‘Baking buns’)
  2. What category does the element fall into? Choose one or more of the nine below.
  3. Location: is the element attached to a certain area in Finland? You can choose Finland, regions or municipalities.
  4. Keywords: what else does the element involve?
  5. Who practises the tradition or knows it well? What kind of communities actively practise the tradition nowadays? Are there NGOs or other organisations related to the element? (500–2000 characters)
  6. Practising of the tradition: describe what the tradition is all about. How is it practised today? Are there different versions of it? (500–4000 characters)
  7. Describe the background and history of the tradition. Please mention the sources in the links section. (500–4000 characters)
  8. How does the transmission of the tradition take place? How is it passed from one generation or community to another? (500–4000 characters)
  9. The future of the tradition: how does the future look? How is the tradition developing? You can also mention good practices for transmission. (500–2000 characters)
  10. The communities behind this submission. There may be one or several.
  11. Bibliography and links to external sources of information (e.g. websites, literature, databases, videos). Please see the instructions for compiling the bibliography.

Adding an element

  1. Create an account via the menu at the top of the page. Log in via the menu at the top of the page, using the account created.
  2. Give the element a name and type the name into the box. Click the “Create new element” button.
  3. Fill in the sections on the form, paying attention to the word limits. Remember to save the text.
  4. In the future you will be able to edit your texts by logging into the wiki, going to the phenomenon’s page, and selecting “Edit” in the bar at the top. Remember to save your work.
  5. You can add pictures through the “Add an image” option on the left-hand side. Save an image from your computer (“Browse”). Add the details of the photographer/creator of the image, and the details of the owner into the “Summary” section. You can also add other information. Remember to select the image license (the drop-down menu offers four different options). Remember to save the file using the button at the bottom of the page.
  6. Go to the main page of the phenomenon and select ‘Insert’ from the menu at the top, and then ‘Media’. Write the exact filename of your image in the search field. Remember to add the details of the photographer/creator, owner, and license. Save the file.