Tokapu Kelka yYupana

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Tokapu Kelka puzzle design and Yupana preinca mathematical device are concrete tools for learning. People from all ages, cultures and even with some degree of disability are welcome to enjoy the experience of these games.. Through design you create, unknowingly, mathematical problems in the Tokapu puzzle and then calculate part of it with the help of the Yupana Calculating device.


Chakana is the name of the southern star which gives origin to andean cosmogonic vision and thought. This ancient form in nature guided south american cultures to undestand and relate in harmony. The Tokapu designs are found in textiles, temples, and in wakos, artistic ceramics which where a way of perpetuating history and daily life. The Yupana has been recorded and brought again to use in Andean countries as to motivate children to grasp abstract mathematical concepts. It has also been connected by scholars to the Quipu, a record of accountants and a message carrier in Inka times.


In Finland we had been introducing Tokapu Kelka puzzle design with great success and now we are adding to this experience the Yupana mathematical device in workshops at schools and family fairs. We are aming to develop the study and use of this experience to rescue its presence in Perú and around the world.

The community/communities behind the submission

We are peruvian pedagogues and artists that have come togeteher to explore a new way of learning. Whereas to offer to the children of the world a non conventional way of looking at maths and arts as two separate matters, but as a complementary duality that can suggest that science and art are part of our oness.

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