Instructions for inventorying

From Elävän perinnön wikiluettelo
This page is a translated version of the page Ohjeita luettelointiin and the translation is 100% complete.

What can be included in the wiki-inventory?

  • Suggestions for living heritage in the topics mentioned, linking them or from outside them.
  • Examples of living heritage, at the heart of which are doing, practising and passing on from one person to another.
  • Intangible cultural heritage in accordance with human rights and Finnish legislation, which supports sustainable development and respect between communities.
  • Traditions in Finland which are transferred from one generation to the next or which surpass generational boundaries.

Who can make proposals?

  • Associations
  • Various communities (e.g. practitioners, hobby groups, actors within a certain geographical or thematic area, organisations in the field)
  • Groups of individuals

Who cannot make proposals?

  • Commercial organisations
  • Political organisations

Who moderates the wiki?

  • The Finnish Heritage Agency moderates the wiki and reserves the right to request adjustments to submissions, as well as to, if necessary, remove inadequate or inappropriate submissions.
  • If you want to comment on someone else’s text, contact the submitter or aineetonkulttuuriperinto(at) or use the Discussion-page of the element.

We hope to pay particular attention to the following factors:

  • Submissions to the wiki should be made by the communities and organisation that practice and are familiar with the heritage. We encourage cooperation between different communities!
  • Show consideration for the diversity, variation and nuances of traditions. It is possible to make several submissions for the wiki for the same element from different perspectives.
  • Highlight living and changing cultural heritage, and show consideration for the different variants of the same heritage.
  • Show consideration for previously under-represented groups and insufficiently documented cultural traditions.
  • Avoid stereotypical assumptions.
  • Give visibility to good practices (e.g. projects and their various parts).
  • The questions can be answered in Finnish, Swedish or English (select the language in the bar at the top). You can also use other languages, but please give the text in either Swedish or Finnish too. We encourage multilingualism!

Feel free to send any questions or comments! aineetonkulttuuriperinto(at)