National Inventory of Living Heritage

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This page is a translated version of the page Elävän perinnön kansallinen luettelo/valitut and the translation is 100% complete.

National Inventory of Living Heritage

Read more about the elements in the inventory in English from here.

Festivities and practices

Visiting cemeteries on Christmas Eve

The Declaration of Christmas Peace in Turku

Conferment of Master’s Degrees

Easter bonfires

Whitsunday festivities in Ritvala village

Runeberg celebrations

Sauna bathing

Santa Claus tradition in Finland

Opening of the Finnish summer

Workers’ Labour Day on May 1

The Orthodox and Karelian tradition of virpominen

Music and dance

The ‘purpuri’ dance in the Kokkola area

Kaustinen folk fiddling style

Open air dancing

Minuet in the Finnish Swedish speaking areas and Minuet in the village of Jeppo

Organ grinding

Tango in Finland

Singing tradition of Finnish Roma people

Performing arts

Circus culture

Funfair tradition in Finland

Gymnastics tradition in Finland

Oral traditions

Stinginess of the people in Laihia



Knitting tikkuröijy sweaters from Hailuoto island

Making national costumes

Shoe making tradition

Making a Korsnäs sweater

Glassmaking Tradition

Lace-making in Heinämaa village

Rag rug weaving

The rya tradition in Vesilahti

Food traditions

Baking the traditional Eura twists

Kalakukko tradition

Beer culture

Games and playing

Jukola Relay

Finnish skittles

Playing in the snow

Playing mölkky

Baseball in Finland

Playing skruuvi, a Finnish card game

Log driver competitions

Nature and the universe

Horta hunting, foraging for wild greens and herbs

Everyman’s rights

Traditional healing

Building clinker boats and Sailing on traditional clinker boats

Winter seine fishing in Lake Puruvesi

Picking mushrooms

The forest relationship in Finland

Know-how regarding the Finnhorse

Finnish spitz and safeguarding the hunting tradition

Tar burning in pits

Traditional fishing culture in the Torne River’s rapids

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